Veratric acid

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(Chem.) an acid occurring, together with veratrine, in the root of white hellebore (Veratrum album), and in sabadilla seed; - extracted as a white crystalline substance which is related to protocatechuic acid.

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Caption: Figure 1: A typical HPLC chromatograph showing the standard mixture of phenolic compounds, i.e., [1] caffeic acid, [2] resorcinol, [6] vanillic acid, [7] p-coumaric acid, [9] ferulic acid, [10] vanillin, [11] veratric acid, [4] myristicin, [5] coumarin, and cinnamic acid.
In addition, only for the groundwater filtered from wells H4-1, 3 bottles were prepared with 70 mg of either [sup.13]C-labelled veratric acid (Sigma-Aldrich, USA) or unlabelled ([sup.12]C) veratric acid (Sigma-Aldrich, USA).
The characteristic UV-vis absorption peaks of veratryl alcohol, veratraldehyde, and veratric acid appear at 277 nm, 308 nm, and 252 nm, respectively (Fig.
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