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n.1.A game in word making. See Logomachy, 2.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While much of his intellectual profile is evident in Scritti diversi (edited by Fabio Milana, 1999-2000), what tends to be overlooked is his extensive editorial work on the Opere of Freud (Boringhieri), Benjamin's Sul concetto della storia (Einaudi), and numerous volumes for the Quodlibet series "Verbarium," seen by Lenzini as "una preziosa lezione di liberta intellettuale" (98).
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Abraham's turn towards language and defining the crypt not in topographical but in linguistic terms let him decode the secreted) "verbarium" and thus to the termination of the analysis.
(2.) For an in-depth discussion of this relationship see Sartiliot, "Herbarium, Verbarium: The Discourse of Flowers."
1985: Verbarium is her first Flat scorer on the mainland at Ayr on May 24.
The ideas in this chapter nicely complement the work done recently in Herbarium Verbarium: The Language of Flowers, by Claudette Sartiliot, who establishes a relationship between the production of metaphor in the unconscious of the artist and the creation of plant life stemming from the underworld.
Claudette Sartiliot's Herbarium Verbarium proves that such ecological concerns are intricately tied not only to social change but also to language and literature, creation and art.
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