Verbesina encelioides

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Noun1.Verbesina encelioides - coarse greyish-green annual yellow-flowered herb; southwestern United States to Mexico
crown beard, crownbeard, crown-beard - any plant of the genus Verbesina having clustered white or yellow flower heads
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verbascifolium (Solanaceae), and also on Verbesina encelioides (Compositae) and Medicago sativa (alfalfa, Leguminosae).
ABSTRACT: The genus Uroleucon is a quickly spreading genus in the various continents of the world, on many plant families causing serious damage ; the species Uroleucon compositae is mainly found on the Asteraceae, Compositae, Solanaceae and the Crucifereae ; in Abha Southwestern Saudi Arabia, this species is very common on the plant Verbesina encelioides forming noticeable dense populations.