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 (vûr′sĭn-jĕt′ə-rĭks, -gĕt′-) Died 46 bc.
Gaulish chieftain who united several tribes to resist the Roman forces under Julius Caesar. Defeated at the stronghold of Alesia (52), he was brought in captivity to Rome, where he was put on public display and ceremonially executed.
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(Biography) died ?45 bc, Gallic chieftain and hero, executed for leading a revolt against the Romans under Julius Caesar (52 bc)
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(ˌvɜr sɪnˈdʒɛt ə rɪks, -ˈgɛt-)

died 45? B.C., Gaulish chieftain conquered by Caesar.
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And Britain 'belonged' to Boudicca, the Queen of the Iceni, and the other Ancient Briton tribes, Scotland (Caledonia) to the Picts, France (Gaul) to Vercingetorix and the Celts, Italy to the Etruscans, Greece to the Dorians, Hungary to Attila and the Huns, Turkey to the Byzantines, America to the Red Indians, etc., etc., etc.
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Macpherson's Gaels supplied a native, non-classical pantheon of heroic forebears (<< nos ancetres, les Gaulois >>) during the Republican and Napoleonic eras; Dawson traces Ossian's post-Napoleonic eclipse by the more reliably indigenous figure of Vercingetorix, Gallic nemesis of Julius Caesar, once French antiquarianism came up to speed.
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