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Noun1.Verdandi - goddess of fate: an elf who personified the present
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The earlier 16/1-6 S Verdandi oil and gas discovery, which was made in the same licence in 2003, was in the Heimdal formation in the Palaeocene and in the Grid formation in the Eocene.
We evaluated two simulators, pNeo [25] and Verdandi [27], modeling the microcircuitry of a neocortical area using six distinct cell types, differentiated by morphology and compartment parameters: two excitatory (deep and superficial pyramidal cells) and four inhibitory (three types of basket cells and the chandelier cells).
Urd hetu eina, adra Verdandi --skdro d skidi-- Skuld ena pridio.
Urd heto eina, adra Verdandi - scaro a scidi -, Sculd ina pridio; Per log logdo per lif kuro Alda bornom, orlqg seggia.
Titled "Verdandi rithofundur" (Would-be Writer), it catalogues the vicissitudes that a hopeful Icelandic scribbler may expect from his or her critics.
In Eddic tradition that power belonged to the Norns, the three goddesses of destiny, whose names - Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld - mean "Past," "Present," and "Future." They appear to be a northern version of the Fates, the three primordial goddesses the Greeks called the Moirai, which means "Alloters."
Some sources call them Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, names that most likely allude to the past (urthr, literally, "fate" or "destiny"), present (verthandi, literally, "becoming"), and future (skuld, literally, "debt").