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n.1.(Chem.) A commercial name for a green aniline dye.
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Craven, all of Benton; great-great-grandchildren Anais Dove, Cheshire Dove, Aria Jane Anthis, Trevor Head and Nathan Head; a son-in-law, Cliff Jones and wife Sheila of Benton; three sisters-in-law, Nadine Dunivan and husband Rolland of Benton, Verdine Miller and husband Edward of Marion, and Jean Elimon of Belleville; and several nieces and nephews.
Original members Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnston will front the 10-piece band and headline the first day of the event in Kelvingrove Park on Saturday, June 30.
Three members from the early days remain - Bailey on vocals, Verdine White on bass and Ralph Johnson on percussion - along with a sassy, tight backing band.
2 Earth, Wind & Fire brought a full-on disco to last week's Glastonbury festival, and bassist Verdine White, 64, has showcased impressive moves on stage during their UK tour.
The band, which includes his brothers, Verdine and Fred, has sold more than 90 million albums, and will be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Grammy Awards on Feb.
My brother, hero and best friend Maurice White passed away peacefully last night in his sleep," Verdine White, also a member of the band, said.
My brother, hero and best friend Maurice White passed away peacefully last night in his sleep," White's brother and fellow band member, Verdine White, said in a statement posted on the band's Facebook page.
Verdine, "Structure of a repair enzyme interrogating undamaged DNA elucidates recognition of damaged DNA," Nature, vol.
The company added that Dr Reid succeeds its CEO and co-founder Gregory Verdine, PhD, who will continue to serve as its president, chief scientific officer, chairman of its scientific advisory board as well as member of its board of directors and will retain his appointment as a venture partner with Third Rock Ventures.
Verdine and Tokyo University of Science's Takeshi Wada merged their respective start-ups, Ontorii Pharmaceuticals and Chiralgen, it gave WaVe its start in 2013.
You also got people in the industry like Verdine White from Earth, Wind & Fire; his hair has always been beautiful.
Earth, Wind & FIRE EXPERIENCE Al McKay joined Earth, Wind & Fire's founding members, brothers Maurice and Verdine White, in 1973.