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1. Verism.
2. An artistic movement of the late 1800s, originating in Italy and influential especially in grand opera, marked by the use of rural characters and common, everyday themes often treated in a melodramatic manner.

[Italian; see verism.]


(vɛˈrɪzməʊ; Italian veˈrismo)
(Classical Music) music a school of composition that originated in Italian opera towards the end of the 19th century, drawing its themes from real life and emphasizing naturalistic elements. Its chief exponent was Puccini
[C19: from Italian; see verism]


(vəˈrɪz moʊ, -ˈriz-)

a style of 19th-century Italian opera typically stressing verism of setting and character.
[1905–10; < Italian]

verismo, verism

the artistic use of commonplace, everyday, and contemporary material in opera, especially some 20th-century Italian and French works, as Louise. — verist, n., adj. — veristic, adj.
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Perhaps Janacek's most beloved work was Louise, a verismo opera by French composer Gustave Charpentier.
It is known to be a verismo opera representing the romantic period.
Keywords: Leoncavallo, Pagliacci, verismo opera, self-references, opera and society.
Magda Olivero (1910-2014) was one of the most acclaimed sopranos in the turbulent world of verismo opera and widely regarded as the last living link to that particular era and tradition.
In the mature period to which his lyric drama Judith and powerful verismo opera The Padrone belong (the latter shocking at the time for its portrayal of a vicious public murder), Chadwick's music made significant strides in liberating the American idiom from the German conservatory style.
In the second cast, 19-year-old McGill student Aaron Sheppard showed a precocious talent, singing well consistently This is hardly verismo opera, so a somewhat stiff stage presence in scenes where he is the callous lover and then Rusalka's supplicant hardly mattered, but he's still too young to make a believable autocrat.
Having served up two delightful plates of Verismo Opera, Opera Worcester and the National Lyric Opera took a step back in time for a delectable taste of the Bel Canto era, with a presentation of Gioacchino Rossini's "L'Italiana in Algeri," at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts Monday night.
Another important role for the vocal coach is to help the singer achieve a finer grasp of musical style, which could include discussing performance practices of specific eras, such as baroque ornamentation; style characteristics of certain genres, like verismo opera; and compositional traits of specific composers.
He downplays Wagner's influence on classical Hollywood aesthetics and focuses instead on verismo opera and Richard Strauss's music, both of which had a stronger, more direct influence on the migr composers Who dominated Hollywood's music departments in the 1930s.
In my thirty-plus years of teaching, I've yet to encounter a solo singer who is able to perform the entire gamut of repertoire from Gregorian chant to verismo opera to the standards of the Great American Songbook with equal proficiency and beauty.
His verismo opera, Risurrezione (based on Leo Tolstoy's novel, Resurrection), had a triumphant premiere in Turin and then quickly made the rounds of Milan, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid and Paris.