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 (vĕr-lān′, -lĕn′), Paul Marie 1844-1896.
French symbolist poet whose works, noted for their fine lyricism, include Romances sans paroles (1874) and Sagesse (1881).


(French vɛrlɛn)
(Biography) Paul (pɔl). 1844–96, French poet. His verse includes Poèmes saturniens (1866), Fêtes galantes (1869), and Romances sans paroles (1874). He was closely associated with Rimbaud and was a precursor of the symbolists


(vərˈleɪn, -ˈlɛn)

Paul, 1844–96, French poet.
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Noun1.Verlaine - French symbolist poet (1844-1896)Verlaine - French symbolist poet (1844-1896)  
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We can imagine this bold, careless, impulsive artist, with his moments of great exaltation and alternate depression, a kind of Chinese Paul Verlaine, with his sensitive mind of a child, always recording impressions as they come.
Hayward talked of Richard Feverel and Madame Bovary, of Verlaine, Dante, and Matthew Arnold.
Butler living up to social etiquette and enunciating his views on Paul Verlaine or the German drama or the novels of D'Annunzio.
Verlaine composed, in 1874, in the prison of Mons (Belgium) his Art poetique, which was soon to become the text-book and Gospel of the young poets of his day.
Contract notice: mpa1 cbs 17s0909 - call for application - appointment of a project management team for the electrical safety of the science rooms with replacement of the furniture at paul verlaine college in bethune
BIRTHDAYS: Dick Van Dyke, actor, 92; Christopher Plummer, actor, 88; Robert Lindsay, actor, 68; Tom Verlaine, singer and rock guitarist (Television), 68; Paula Wilcox, actress, 68; John Francome, author and former jockey, 65; Steve Buscemi, actor/writer/director, 60; Jamie Foxx, actor and singer, 50; Sara Cox, radio DJ, 43; Taylor Swift, singer, 28.
Newrest Tunisie installe ainsi un concept de restauration specialement concu pour les enfants et complete ce que l'entreprise, dans un communique publie sur son site internet, qualifie de [beaucoup moins que]rentree fructueuse[beaucoup plus grand que] initiee par le renouvellement du partenariat avec les etablissements d'enseignement francais affilies a l'AEFE (Lycee Gustave Flaubert, Eecole Paul Verlaine, Eecole de la Soukra et de Sousse).
En esos dias conocio a Paul Verlaine y obtiene, poco despues, un lugar como profesor en el liceo Fontanes en Paris.
Frontman Tom Verlaine is arguably the greatest guitarist ever.
De este encuentro hay dos relatos, uno virulento y otro apacible, pero en ambos ocurrio algo capital: Rimbaud le entrego a Verlaine un fajo de papeles y le dio indicaciones de que se lo mandara a Nouveau para que el se hiciera cargo de su publicacion.
Huysmans, Gustave Flaubert, Maurice Barres, Octave Mirbeau, Paul Verlaine and Charles Baudelaire.
The intricate, interweaving guitars trading between Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd heralded a new era, where musicians were unafraid to bring intelligence to their playing style.