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a.1.Very; true.
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Hoccleve's speaker concludes laconically about those who flatter him for his cash (and perhaps even about Prentys and Arondel), "I was the welcomere algate/And for a verray gentil man yholde" (183-84).
Beinecke 2008 2479, back endpaper guard 4) be fowrte b<r>aunche as men ma<y> proue 4040 Is when a | man will povert (3) loue So <d>oope be verray mek | in hert On fowre maneres he loues pouert He loues | <.
I se wel that ye han of my distresse Compassioun, my faire Canacee, Of verray wommanly benignytee That Nature in youre principles hath set.
While you are reading, say, Chaucer, a verray, parfit gentil
For sith that verray hevene is boght so deere With tribulacion and greet penaunce, How sholde I thanne.
es a haly prophete and a VERRAY in worde and in dede.
1198) (a1398) Pure and verray bawme or balsamum may not be suffred in be hond if the sonne come berto.
mon tres loyal ami, Quant verray je la journee Que voye la retournee De vous que je tant desir Et sans qui je n'ay plaisir
Who wrote the words: "He was a verray, parfit gentil knyght.
The queene anon, for verray wommanhede, Gan for to wepe, and so dide Emelye, And alle the ladyes in the compaignye.
In the House of Fame words miraculously take on the appearance of the man who spoke them, and so, analogously, does Caxton in his allographic imitation and signature assume the persona of Chaucer within his print shop in order to end his poem: "And hath so verray his lyknesse/ That spak the word, that thou wilt gesse/ That it the same body be" (1079-1081).
He is the lame of God verray / That muste husfend from all our fray, / Borne of thy wombe, all for our pay / And for our chere" (263-69).