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n.1.An axis; a hinge; a turning point.
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Tenders are invited for Fabrication and erection of 04nos of verticle column with horizontal beam for strengthening of tb0 belt at ssp colliery under bankola area..
ULA tweeted photos Wednesday night of the rocket and the payload verticle on the launch pad prior to the scheduled launch. 
With regard to angulation of impacted mandibular third molars 38 teeth were mesioangular, 33 verticle, 18 horizontal, and 11 distoangular (Table 2).
Tanco presents Verticle Autoclave, a strongly heated container used for chemical reactions and other procedures using very high Psi-pressures and temperatures.
Using Aspose.Words for Cloud 17.4 users can now set the Horizontal and Verticle Resolution while converting a word document to an Image format.
Excessive amnioticfluid (Polyhydramnios) is defined as, deepest verticle pool of amniotic fluid Greater than 8cm or amniotic fluid index (AFI) Greater than 95 Percent for the gestational age 1-3.
Korvette's opened in the Saks-34th Street location after minor refacing with verticle marble strips on the building's facade.
Extra-thin Black Micarta grips have ball end-cut striations, which are complemented by similar verticle cuts on the front- and backstraps.
Mine matched well with the new Nikon Omega Muzzleloader Rifle Scope, which features a crosshair reticle with four descending circles along the verticle crosswire.