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n.1.An axis; a hinge; a turning point.
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Tenders are invited for Development of affordable housing under pmay u in ppp mode on private land under affordable hsg in partnership verticle in rajapur for 227 tenements
ULA tweeted photos Wednesday night of the rocket and the payload verticle on the launch pad prior to the scheduled launch.
Tanco presents Verticle Autoclave, a strongly heated container used for chemical reactions and other procedures using very high Psi-pressures and temperatures.
Table 1: Growth Accounting for Verticle Production of Automotives from Germany Cost shares (%) Quantities (1995 = 1) 1995 2007 1995 2007 Factors in Germany 78.
Another significant move is verticle disintegration of WAPDA in the Musharraf era, that has a far reaching impact on the power generation and management sector of Pakistan.
4 users can now set the Horizontal and Verticle Resolution while converting a word document to an Image format.
1973 Inferior pedicle Ribeiro 1975 Superomedial pedicle Orlando, Guthrie 1975 Verticle bipedicle McKissock 1976 Central mound Hester 1985 Medial pedicle Nahabedian et al.
Their verticle distance from the line represent the error of our proposed energy reallocation model.
OTCBB: CIGW) will cancel its stock in connection with its upcoming acquisition by US-based Verticle Bridge Holdings' Vertical Steel Merger Sub Inc.
Botox also is effective for platysmal banding - verticle lines that develop in the neck as a result of muscle contractions.
Excessive amnioticfluid (Polyhydramnios) is defined as, deepest verticle pool of amniotic fluid Greater than 8cm or amniotic fluid index (AFI) Greater than 95 Percent for the gestational age 1-3.