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a.1.Virtuous; powerful.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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What wonder then if fields and regions here Breathe forth ELIXIR pure, and Rivers run Potable Gold, when with one vertuous touch Th' Arch-chimic Sun so farr from us remote Produces with Terrestrial Humor mixt Here in the dark so many precious things Of colour glorious and effect so rare?
(85) As the allegorical character of Shame says to the audience when describing the change of the king's character on his return from Egypt, "he nought esteemes his councel grave, ne vertuous bringing up / But dayly stil receives the drink, of damned vices cup" (4.347-48).
Notably, the event is not limited only to the nine women she identifies by name, but extends "To all vertuous Ladies in generall," who will, she hopes, consume her text.
Especially the eldest (named Apolidon) who was so well brought up and conditioned, that he found not his equall in any vertuous quality wherein he exercised himself" (Munday 305).
(16) Samuel Rowley, When You See Me, You Know Me Or, the Famous Chronicle History of King Henry the Eight, with the Birth and Vertuous Life of Edward Prince of Wales, as it wasplayd by the High andMightie Prince of Wales His Servants (London, 1605; STC: 21417), EEBO.
(4) The evidence from the Bodmer Caxton affirms not only that tale's attractiveness as a site for marginal commentary, but also demonstrates that certain readers judiciously gravitated towards both of Chaucer's "moral tale[s] vertuous" in prose.
If Chaucer celebrates generic diversity as the spoonful of sugar that helps the moral medicine go down, Gower would impose a hierarchy: in his version of the past 'poets [were] titled with many honors as long as their poems were vertuous' ([C3.sup.v]).
That Lewis's third interplanetary novel works through the medium of fairy-tale romance to display those values aligns it with Spenser's aims, as stated in his prefatory Letter to Raleigh, "to fashion a gentleman or noble person in vertuous (2) and gentle discipline" (714; italics added) through what may be described as a fairy-tale romance-epic entitled The Faerie Queene.
And it will seek to reimagine the allegorical and allegorized subject--the "gentlemen or noble person" the poem seeks to fashion "in vertuous and gentle discipline" (151)--not as the incarnation of transcendent forms of virtue but as the product of progressive and ongoing encounters with strange versions of the self in the poem's prismatic and fragmenting "mirrours more than one" (Spenser 2006, 3 proem 5).
I slept the better last night for it-this Morning, however, I am nearly as bad again--Just now I opened Spencer [sic], and the first Lines I saw were these.-"The noble Heart that harbors vertuous thought,/And is with Child of glorious great intent, /Can never rest, until it forth have brought/ Th' eternal Brood of Glory excellent-" [...] I shall forthwith begin my Endymion, [...].
But if no remedy but thou wilt marry, then howe to choose a Wife, with a Commendation of the good, vertuous, and honest women" (sig F1).