n.1.See Varvel.
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Ninove L, Domart Y, Vervel C, Voinot C, Salez N, Raoult D, et al.
48) This idea is captured in the novel in the words of Vervel Kunzo, a mysterious character who appears at the very beginning of the novel and is, at the end, revealed to be a member of the Society for Culture and Science of the Jews in Berlin.
52) In another scene, a few pages later, Katchor creates a series of illustrations in which Vervel Kunzo is reading a pamphlet by Mrs.
Laetitia Ninove, Yves Domart, Christine Vervel, Chrystel Voinot, Nicolas Salez, Didier Raoult, Hermann Meyer, Isabelle Capek, Christine Zandotti, and Remi N.
266) spin--en "sedert die aand begin vervel, langsaam, oor 'n paarjare heen, en uiteindelik ontpop" (p.