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Any of several African monkeys of the genus Chlorocebus, having a black face with white cheek tufts, a yellowish-brown or greenish coat, and a long tail. Also called green monkey.

[French : vert, green (from Old French verd; see verdant) + (gri)vet, grivet (of unknown origin).]


(Animals) a variety of a South African guenon monkey, Cercopithecus aethiops, having dark hair on the hands and feet and a reddish patch beneath the tail. Compare green monkey, grivet
[C19: from French, from vert green, but influenced by grivet]


(ˈvɜr vɪt)

an African guenon, Cercopithecus aethiops pygerythrus.
[1880–85; < French, =ver(t) green (see vert) + (gri)vet grivet]
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Noun1.vervet - South African monkey with black face and handsvervet - South African monkey with black face and hands
guenon, guenon monkey - small slender African monkey having long hind limbs and tail and long hair around the face
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WHAT WE ATE The food is wonderful at Ulusaba - but you need to watch out for the cheeky resident Vervet monkeys on the lookout for an easy meal.
VERVET MONKEYSThe thick, dark Bamboo hold secrets only known to the vervet monkeys.
There is considerable information on some aspects of the reproductive biology of this species, for example, on reproductive behaviour (Rowell, 1970), breeding of vervet monkeys in a closed environment (Seier, 1986), and on sperm motility in the epididymis (van der Horst et al.
The animals encountered include: Vervet monkeys, zebras, an ostrich, a cheetah, an elephant, a rhinoceros, a giraffe, a leopard, a hippopotamus, and a lion.
The bridge's debut coincides with the recent opening of the first phase of Africa Rocks, an 8-acre, $68 million project that will eventually be home to birds, reptiles, plants and mammals native to Africa, including Hamadryas baboons, West African dwarf crocodiles, vervet monkeys, baboons and lemurs.
In the absence of natural predators and the destruction of natural vegetation, vervet monkeys in St Kitts and Nevis have increased to alarming proportions over the last ten years or more which is causing a tremendous environmental, social and economic problem.
For example, vervet monkeys have separate alarm calls for different predators.
John was then rescued by a group of vervet monkeys, who saved him from certain starvation.
But Steve, driven on by the cause to help vervet monkeys, ignored the temptation to stop and carried on, eventually crossing the finish line to great cheers and relief.
The vervet monkeys have also given birth to two babies recently.
This method is further developed and made complex by a family called the Vervet monkeys, who are native to Africa.
PAUL O'GRADY'S ANIMAL ORPHANS ITV, 9pm In his final week in Africa, the comedian and presenter visits Bambelela, a rehabilitation centre for orphaned vervet monkeys, where he looks after 10-month-old Toledo for the day, before putting him to sleep at night.