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n. pl. dho·tis also dho·ties
A garment consisting of a length of cloth that is typically wrapped around the waist, passed between the legs, and tucked in at the waistline, worn chiefly by Hindu men in India.

[Hindi dhotī, from Middle Indic *dhautta, *dhotta, cloth, probably from past participle of *dhauvati, he washes, from Sanskrit dhūnoti, dhau-, he shakes.]


(ˈdəʊtɪ) ,






n, pl -tis
(Clothing & Fashion) a long loincloth worn by men in India
[C17: from Hindi]


(ˈdoʊ ti)

n., pl. -tis.
a long loincloth worn by many Hindu men in India.
[1615–25; < Hindi]
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Noun1.dhoti - a long loincloth worn by Hindu men
breechcloth, breechclout, loincloth - a garment that provides covering for the loins
lendaklæîi, lendaskÿla
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For this day, Singh wore a traditional attire, an ivory and gold veshti (a cloth wrapped around the waist), a matching tunic or kurta and angavastram or stole.
Tamil cinema is perhaps the only one in India that still weaves its plots around the countryside, its actors still bold enough to be seen in a veshti, its actresses in a half-sari.
Shanta actually went for parasailing and evidently aced it, but for Dhananjayan things were a bit tricky since the duo were on the move right after their arrival in Goa and it was difficult for him to wear a shirt and shorts because he is used to wearing traditional veshti and jippa.