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(Animals) a member of a genus of the Hymenoptera order of insects which includes common wasps and hornets
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Noun1.vespa - type genus of the Vespidae: various hornets and yellow jacketsVespa - type genus of the Vespidae: various hornets and yellow jackets
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Vespidae, Vespidae - an arthropod family of the order Hymenoptera including: yellow jackets; hornets; mason wasps
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Apart from actual Vespas, the exhibition will also display a variety of Cypriot Vespa advertisements and articles from as far back as the 50s, as well as a number of international photos, videos and advertisements that concern the scooter.
Registration takes place with the driver's own Vespas.
Douglas Motorcycles, of Bristol, marketed the first Vespas under licence in Britain from 1951 and the scooter became a symbol of a new-found sense of freedom and progress, featuring heavily in films, advertising and literature.
To view the customized Vespas, visit your favorite RSSI stores.
Vespas hold a specia place in my heart as it was the first scooter I had owned, way back in 1969.
Those were the days when Vespas had manual gears and that iconic style.
We decant our belongings into sausage-shaped yellow waterproof bags, to be trussed to the back of the Vespas.
Produced at Piaggio's plants in Pontedera, Italy; Vinh Phuc, Vietnam and soon at Baramati, over 17 million Vespas have been sold till 2010.
The chair-style seating position made it just as appealing to women who could wear skirts while riding their Vespas.
THE hair has gone grey and the eyesight is not what it once was but these scooter boys are still in love with their Vespas.
Vespas, Aprilias (another Italian-design scooter) and other models, including Honda, Yamaha and the new all-electric Vectrix, are booming because of fuel costs and improved designs, enthusiasts and people in the industry say.
Hondas and Yamahas from Japan, Kymcos from Taiwan and the granddaddy of all floorboarded two-wheelers - Italian-made Vespas - are seeing a resurgence in popularity as motorists look for alternatives to gas-hungry cars.