v. t.1.To investigate.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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However, I was not disposed to in vestigate the psychology of Falk.
Attempts by independent media to in- vestigate these concerns are, even today, routinely -- and robustly -- rebuffed by functionaries.
"We rely on the public's help to tackle drug crime by report ing any informa tion to us so officers can in vestigate and continue to bring offenders to justice."
She said the police's ability to in- vestigate cases "has struggled to keep pace with the explosion in technology".
There was also an investment forum and trade exhibition, host- ed jointly by Afreximbank and the Rwandan Development Board to in- vestigate opportunities for deeper integration within the East African Community.
Our respondents could select from insurer claims staff, independent adjuster/ claim manager, appraiser or special in vestigate r.
Numerical examples are presented to investigate actual software failure data are conducted in order to in- vestigate the effectiveness of the two approaches.
The study will also in vestigate the relevance for supporting SMEs to access equity capital.
The recombinant fusion protein would enable us to in vestigate natural ligand of LLT1.
Nevertheless, our ambition to in vestigate managers' ideas and talk around leadership was not reliant on a particular pre-structured or literature-based anticipation of these ideas and talk.
Brooks and vestigate a obic religious group members of the ter a gay constable is ead by his partner.
Shealso pledged to in vestigate whether the legal loophole identified by Mr Field could beclosed.