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Noun1.Vestris - Italian dancing-master for Louis XVI who was considered the greatest dancer of his day; he was the first to discard the mask in mime (1729-1808)
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On the walls hung a few engravings, relics of the mother, who had known the glories of the old Opera in the Rue le Peletier; portraits of Vestris, Gardel, Dupont, Bigottini.
She still appeared in her Marquise costume and danced a minuet with Monsieur de Truffigny, Monsieur Le Duc de la Jabotiere's attache; and the Duke, who had all the traditions of the ancient court, pronounced that Madame Crawley was worthy to have been a pupil of Vestris, or to have figured at Versailles.
Wendy Berry heard loud bangs in the early hours of yesterday on her street, Vestris Drive in Salford, after a fire which broke out next door spread.
In a statement,Greater Manchester Policesaid: "Shortly before 3.30am today (Saturday 25 May 2019) police were called by the fire service to reports of a fire at a property on Vestris Drive in Salford.
Sumite materiam vestris, qui scribitis, aequan viribus et versate diu quid ferre recusent, quid valeant umeri; cui lecta pudenter erit res, nex facundia deseret hune nec lucidus ordo.
In his day he commanded a salary greater than a tragedian, earning between PS60-PS100 a week with Madame Vestris' company at the Olympic Theatre.
L-R: Madame Vestris dressed as Paul in Paul and Virginia, PS200-300; Derby figure of John Liston as Van Dunder and a Staffordshire porcelain figure of the same actor as Paul Pry, PS150-250; two pearlware figures of John Lister as Van Dunder and Madame Vestris as the Broom Girl, estimate PS200-300; a Derby figure of Richard III, PS100-200
recombination: he is "the harlequin, the Vestris, the storm-loving
In solving the murder, Anglet goes undercover as a maid; learns the identity of the sixth rooftop guardian angel; discovers more about her sister, Vestris; attends a circus where she is attacked by an animal; uncovers Madam Nahreem's past; exposes the source of an epidemic; realizes the truth about her father's death; and reconnects with several characters from the previous books.
In Spring 1815 Sestini was responsible for the dresses at August-Armand Vestris's ballet, Mars et Vamour (Times, 28 Apr.
(6.) Parola P, Vestris G, Martinez D, Brochier B, Roux V, Raoult D.
[8] Sic igitur in nostra et dicte sedis deuotione persistatis ut ad vobis fauorabiliter concedenda perque vobis et eisdem successoribus vestris honor accrescat merito induci valeamus.