Veterans of Foreign Wars

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Noun1.Veterans of Foreign Wars - an organization of United States war veteransVeterans of Foreign Wars - an organization of United States war veterans
association - a formal organization of people or groups of people; "he joined the Modern Language Association"
ex-serviceman, vet, veteran - a person who has served in the armed forces
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Townsend Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6538 and its Auxiliaries will hold an Easter Egg Hunt at 2 p.m.
troop drawdown in Iraq later today at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Indianapolis, the White House said.
Speaking at the Veterans of Foreign Wars' national convention, Obama reiterated his view that a mixture of military power, diplomacy and development was needed to defeat the Taliban.
The park will also include benches dedicated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.
The Veterans of Foreign Wars seek to encourage millions of America's young adults to higher ideals and greater personal achievement through working with youth in scouting, sports, Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and scholarship programs.
In 1934, the Veterans of Foreign Wars erected the Christian religious symbol as a war memorial.
Tami Elliott was elected president of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Her theme is, "Paying it Forward--Because We Care." Elliott, office manager of Dr.
Ten years ago, current artist Jim Scancarelli incorporated the fund-raising drive for the World War II Memorial into a storyline, earning special commendation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. "Gasoline Alley" has won numerous awards.
"When our soldiers hear politicians in Washington question the mission they are risking their lives to accomplish," the president recently told a gathering of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, "it hurts their morale."
As he did with his speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in August of 2002, which put the Iraq War in the oven, Cheney gave a speech on March 7 that moved confrontation with Iran to the front burner.
Veterans of Foreign Wars, and are worn on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

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