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n.1.A vexillum.
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Etant donne le profil degrade des refugies(e)s qui existe au sein du discours contemporain, la tentation de trouver d'autres possibilites d'approche a partir d'une riche tradition de figures litteraires de Vexil s'impose.
thirty 11-shifts to ejects (W3) silver 13-shifts to verify (W3) orange 4-shifts to skiver (W3) upsilon 6-shifts to avoutry (Chambers Dictionary) Michigan 6-shifts to mootings (W3) Monday 5-shifts to drifts (W3) earth 4-shifts to vexil (W2) I ended my 2002 article by noting that my surname 2-shifts to KETCHUP.
EARTH 4 vexil MARS 12 demy emyd, 14 goaf, 17 jird, 20 glum, 22 wino PLUTO 19 hemin, 25 knots stonk tonks
ELVIS ta1 = devils, levies, livens, livers, olives, pelvis, silver, snivel, swivel, vexils