Vice admiralty

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the office of a vice admiral.

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In 1807 the British Court of Vice Admiralty at Sierra Leone embarked on an unprecedented experiment in international humanitarian
altogether--is an account of the role that the Court of Vice Admiralty
Vice Admiralty, and his treatment of the subject is quite cursory.
reporting by the courts of vice admiralty was never formalized at all.
Consequently, what records do survive from the vice admiralty courts are
Upon arriving in Tobago in May 1770, Maxwell lodged a complaint against his superior in the vice admiralty court, showing his scarred shoulders as evidence.
Justice Story noted that some of the vice admiralty courts of the American colonies had an even broader admiralty jurisdiction than did the admiralty courts in England, and he quoted the commission to the governor of the royal province of New Hampshire as a typical admiralty commission.
Judgment must be withheld, however --at least until we see whether his solicitude for individual rights shifts from the White House staff and the Vice Admiralty to sanitation men and subway conductors.