Vicente Lopez

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Noun1.Vicente Lopez - an industrial suburb of Buenos Aires
Argentina, Argentine Republic - a republic in southern South America; second largest country in South America
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Meanwhile, the cases against Manuel Tabion, Vicente Lopez, and other accused identified as 'Calaoagan,' 'Bulaklak,' and 'Idloy,' have been archived as they remain at large.
Cristobal Zaragoza, Senior Superintendents Marion Balonglong and Allan Nobleza, Chief Inspectors Jovily Cabading and Manuel Tabion and a certain Vicente Lopez of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are facing eight counts each of violation of Republic Act 7438.
Rohit Gandotra, Xcite by Alghanim; Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Ring and Fernando Vicente Lopez, Alghanim Industries
Fernando Vicente Lopez, vice president, Electonics at Alghanim Industries, said: "Under the Kuwait 2035
Vicente Lopez, who accompanied his wife to an appointment, also said he liked the new digs, even if the nonprofit's former downtown location was much closer to his house.
Santa Vicente Lopez and Maximo Vicente Sontay; Leah M.
(1) Jefe de Servicio de Cirugia General, Hospital Municipal de Vicente Lopez (HMVL).