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Noun1.Vicia - widely distributed genus of annual or perennial and often climbing herbsVicia - widely distributed genus of annual or perennial and often climbing herbs
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
vetch - any of various climbing plants of the genus Vicia having pinnately compound leaves that terminate in tendrils and small variously colored flowers; includes valuable forage and soil-building plants
tare - any of several weedy vetches grown for forage
broad-bean, broad-bean plant, English bean, European bean, field bean, Vicia faba, broad bean - Old World upright plant grown especially for its large flat edible seeds but also as fodder
hairy tare, hairy vetch, Vicia villosa - European vetch much cultivated as forage and cover crops
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Estudio, identificacion y control de las principales enfermedades y plagas de Haba (Vicia faba L.) en la subregion andina.
(2001) reportaron que Taxodium japonicum y Thea sinensis los incorporaban de la fraccion soluble del suelo, mientras que Sasa nipponica y Vicia villosa incorporaban el Si y los ETR del silicato del suelo.
Next to grasses, legumes are one of the most important groups of plants, because of their use as food (e.g., Glycine, Phaseolus, Vicia, Pisum, Cicer), forage (e.g., Trifolium, Melilotus, Medicago; Isely, 1981), as fuel (e.g., Prosopis, Acacia, Havardia, Ebenopsis), as charcoal (e.g., Prosopis, Ebenopsis), and in the chemical industry (Acacia, Coronilla, Indigofera; Doyle and Luckow, 2003).
The TD value (67%) of the experimental diet (T2) containing raw SB seeds was lower compared to the control diet T1 (89%) and other experimental diets T3-T6 (69-79%) of the present study (Table 4), but higher when compared to the TD value of an earlier report on Canavalia maritima (42.2%), Vicia faba (63.4%) and comparable with that of vegetable pea (65.8-66.7%) [29 - 31].
Cytological effects of mercurial fungicide panogen 15 on Tradescantia and Vicia faba root tips.
BROAD beans (Vicia faba) can be so bland and disappointing from the shops, that it's much better to have a go yourself with some tasty varieties such as 'Red Epicure'.
El subsistema de produccion agricola se caracteriza por hacer un uso intensivo de los escasos recursos que dispone cada agricultor (parcela promedio 3.5 ha) por lo que han desarrollado un sistema de asociacion en el que el maiz se rota con cultivos forrajeros de invierno, los agricultores turnan el cultivo de dos gramineas (Triticum tu rgjdum, Avena sativa) y tres leguminosas (Vicia sativa, Vicia faba, Lens esculentum).
According to the literature, 1,3-diaminopropane is not a substrate for plant CuAOs, its catalytic oxidation has been found on a scant range only in CuAO from the broad bean (Vicia faba) [14].
We've just finished sowing outdoor beds with field beans (vicia faba), a legume that will establish quickly and cover beds, fixing nitrogen ready for next year's crop.