n.1.See Viscount.
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Jake Aaron Kirkby (22): Vicount Road, Marsh Green - Assaulted Bryony Hunter by beating: Discharged conditionally for 12 months, restraining order imposed, pay [pounds sterling]50 compensation and [pounds sterling]200 costs.
Vicount Ridley added: "It seems to me that there is insufficient protection at the moment for the most treasured landscapes of this country from the blight of wind farms."
'Inseparable': Bluebell and Vicount. Stay together: Marco and Bonnie.
New Experiments Physico-Mechanical, Touching the Spring of the Air, and Its Effects (Made, for the Most Part in a New Pneumatical Engine) Written by Way of Letter to the Right Honorable Charles Lord Vicount of Dungarvan, Eldest Son to the Earl of Corke.
The other two teams are Lakeland High School, White Lake, MI, and Vicount Industries, Inc., and International Academy Macomb, Clinton Township, MI, and Lunar Industries, Inc.
Princess Margaret with her children, Vicount Linley and Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones, seen here in 1969.
Rochester Vicount Industries Farmington Hills VM Enterprises of Ann Arbor dba Quizno's Detroit Jason A.
SOLEMN: Prince Charles, flanked by his elder son Prince William, stands beside the Queen Mother's coffin, and (right), Vicount Linley, Prince William and Prince Harry side by side in the funeral procession; DIGNITARIES ARRIVE: Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie arriving at Westminster Abbey for the funeral.
Similarly, the vicount Charles Levy-Vendomes disavows any pederastic tendencies by urging that "le bar on de Charlus n'est pas mon cousin" 'the Baron de Charlus is not my cousin' (66); and later Levy-Vendomes sarcastically asks Schlemilovitch, "Vous prendriez-vous pour Charles Swann par hasard?" 'Do you perchance take yourself to be Charles Swann?' (99).
In 1633, Charles i stayed at Welbeck on his way to Scotland, and Bess of Hardwicks grandson William Cavendish, then earl of Newcastle, commissioned from Ben Jonson a work whose full title amply tells its story: The Kings Entertainment <zt Welbeck in Nottinghamshire, A house of the Right Honourable, William Earle of Newcastle, Vicount Mansfield, Baron of Bode, and Bolsover, &c.
26 The Count and Countess Etienne de Beaumont, in their town house on the rue Duroc, and the Vicount and Vicountess Charles de Noailles in theirs at 3, Place des Etats-Unis (which was once Wharton's brother Harry's residence and on occasions her own), were the patrons of the artists during the "Annees Folles" (the "Roaring Twenties") in France.
Completing the line-up for Mr Mowbray was Droit Amazon, another May 05 son of Steakhouse on yet another Lazerbeam daughter, Droit Samantha, a Vicount grandaughter.