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1. The state or quality of being Victorian, as in attitude, style, or taste.
2. Something exhibiting Victorian characteristics.


the affection for or emulation of Victorian tastes or thoughts.
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Here as elsewhere, it goes almost literally without saying that the recent fascination or obsession with what is often styled "gender" has done a great deal to beget the over-use of some supposititious category called "Victorianism." That there will be more is suggested by a 1999 publication, Sara Michel and Robyn Muncy, Engendering America: A Documentary History 1865 to the Present (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1999).
Does Victorianism create the gay-straight polarity?
Schott concludes by questioning historians' division of dominant intellectual currents into Victorianism and modernism.
This volume in Longman's 'Crosscurrents' series examines the question: What is Victorianism. There are fifteen essays by scholars from both Britain and the United States.
Just as Hart Crane and others fled the stultifying worldview of their parents, Brown could warn against "an arising snobbishness; a delayed Victorianism" among educated African Americans ("Our Literary Audience" 42).
In a broader sense the study aims to break down what the author sees as an artificial barrier between Romanticism and Victorianism, and to 'suggest how historicizing the workings of influence, with particular reference to Byron, enables a rethinking of the significance of Victorian texts' (p.
But even so, George Eliot studies have suffered from the mysterious undertows of academic infighting and family romance, with the result that attention to her still splits between worship and deflection: on the one hand, she is The Greatest; on the other, she is an epiphenomenon of everything from George Henry Lewes (or other contemporaries), to "Victorianism" (whatever that is), to phallogocentrism.
technology will be used for its benefit" - yeah, and monkeys may fly out my butt) that has about as much to do with current reality as the right wing's attempt to reinvigorate Victorianism.
Anne Rose's closely argued book examines the connections between American Victorianism and the Civil War.
How does it serve our culture for that small band of self-appointed custodians of E.R.'s "morality" to insist upon chaste Victorianism? Why are so many wedded to a stereotype of a frigid, sublimating, forever lonely Eleanor Roosevelt?
Transforming Anthony Trollope: Dispossession, Victorianism and Nineteenth-Century Word and Image
of Delaware) has collected, updated, and revised 13 essays and articles published over the past half century on the waning of what is known as Victorianism over the final two decades of Victoria's reign.

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