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n.1.A victress.
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Now, for the first time since her discovery, the Paphos' Venus Victrix has travelled from her ancient home to the capital where she is the star of a new exhibition, entitled 'Nea Paphos: 50 Years of Polish Excavations, 1965-2015′ which opens tomorrowat the Cyprus Archaeological Museum.
In 2013 I also won the Victrix Ludorum at my school, King David's, and picked up the LFC Centre of Excellence Personality of the Year in 2014.
The trainer's team will also include Wrong Turn and Living Next Door (both hold handicap and National Hunt Chase engagements) and Victrix Gale, which will contest the Kim Muir.
Seniors Daniela Lindemeier, Christiaan Lamprecht and Jorn Diekmann will have to hold the fort while junior Zune Weber will be a potential challenger for selection as the junior victrix laudorum.
Marc Saverys' investment vehicle Saverco bought 105,000 shares and Virginie Saverys' Victrix acquired 17,500 additional shares.
James Doyle has never ridden her before, but Franny Norton is on a ban and Richard Hughes can't ride because he is claimed for Victrix Ludorum.
Team Hannon could enjoy a decent payday and their VICTRIX LUDORUM (2.
Comparative behavior and competition between two aphid hyperparasites: Alloxysta victrix and Asaphes californicus (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae; Pteromalidae).
From the score and detail of the portraits, however, it emerges clearly that the victrix is the Pucele as Blancs Mains, Guinglain's true love, but not his wife.
However, in inscriptions from Britain legion XX is generally given both its titles Val(eria) and Vic(trix); Victrix alone without Valeria is rare, and uncertain.
It has also been suggested that some of the pottery excavated in the York area was made locally, possibly by Africans in Legio IV Hispana and in Legio VI Victrix, as they appear to be for recipes from North Africa requiring special utensils.