Vidal Gore


 (vĭ-däl′), (Eugene Luther) Gore 1925-2012.
American writer noted for his cynical humor and his numerous accounts of society in decline. His works include the novel Myra Breckinridge (1968) and the play The Best Man (1960).
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There's naturally pro-Lennonites such as John Sinclair (against whose imprisonment for dope possession the ex-Beatle campaigned), Leon Wildes (the attorney who fought the deportation order), Seale, and Ron Kovic alongside political and social commentators like Walter Cronkite, Vidal Gore and George McGovern offering their views on the administration's witch hunt.
While there's, happily, little armchair psychology about what makes Gore Vidal Gore Vidal, there's no question, in Kaplan's telling, about the influences of great wealth and of Vidal's destructive mother, Nina.