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 (vĭd′ē-ō-kŏn′fər-əns, -frəns)
A conference occurring in two or more locations in which the participants communicate by using video equipment, with the content often transmitted by a computer network or over the internet.

vid′e·o·con′fer·enc·ing n.


a conference in which participants in distant locations to take part by means of electronic sound and video communication


(ˈvɪd i oʊˌkɒn fər əns, -frəns)

a teleconference conducted via television equipment.
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The distance learning facilitator of the Magnolia (Texas) Independent School District, just 40 miles northwest of Houston, is the technical advisor responsible for connecting his students to videoconferences with students all over the world.
When the program was created in 1999, it primarily reached out to middle and high school students in Tennessee, but has grown to include videoconferences to children in 75 schools in 20 states.
The company works with hotel properties and governments to arrange secure point-to-point and multi location videoconferences with government officials, dignitaries, politicians and corporate executives who, due to scheduling, cannot attend events.
This release also incorporates additional levels of automation and, when used in conjunction with Forgent's VNP, the entire scheduling, launching and managing of videoconferences is completely turnkey.
More recently, with broadband Internet connections now suitable for 384Kbps videoconferences, the Brookings Institution, one of the leading non-partisan research organizations in the USA, uses the technology so that organizations and key speakers can take part in their forums from their own locations.
For example, elementary and secondary students toured a Japanese folk art museum, visited the set of the musical "Ragtime," and interviewed NASA space scientists--all from the classroom via videoconferences.
For the fall 1999 videoconferences, the University of Central Arkansas established a listserv on their campus to enable students from both universities to communicate electronically.
As of 1995, 16 legislatures were using teleconferences (audio only) or videoconferences (one-way or two-way video): Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
Participate in videoconferences through SharePoint 2007 portal sites using TANDBERG Movi.
Each grade does one or two videoconferences a year, ranging from storybooks to poetry.
NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO -- Vulnerabilities discovered in the Polycom ViewStation videoconferencing products, which allow unauthorized individuals to gather information about the device, retrieve files, crash the device, or monitor videoconferences can be counteracted with Navastream's VIP product line.
As a bridging service provider for over five years, Frontier Videoconferencing (formally LINK-VTC) has executed more than 30,000 multipoint videoconferences worldwide.