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A city of extreme northwest Bulgaria on the Danube River. Founded in the first century ad as a Roman fortress, it was under Turkish rule from 1396 to 1877.
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Contract award notice: "selection of a contractor for external technical assistance in project management" improvement of the state of the educational infrastructure in the town of vidin ", Bg16rfop001-1.
In general, the most polluted cities are Vidin, Montana, Sofia.
Vegetable growers from the northwestern Bulgarian city of Vidin and the nearby villages plan to block Danube Bridge 2 unless the authorities take steps to curb illegal imports.
Novo Selo is west of Vidin on the river Danube, an area (relatively) affluent under communism but now stagnating.
Ottinger's itinerary brings her from Wroclaw, Poland, to Kosice, Slovakia, to the towns of Eger and Szeged in Hungary, to Timisoara, Romania, and finally to Vidin and Varna in Bulgaria, with much countryside in between.
Metropolitan Dometian of Vidin of the Orthodox delegation commented, "I think the Orthodox church, by its nature, faith, and spirit, is very close to our brothers of the Catholic Church.
The combined road and railway bridge between Vidin (Bulgaria) and Calafat (Romania) is of utmost importance for developing pan-European Corridor IV which links Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.
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Vidin, where customs and police officers discovered another 256 liters of brandy without a documents of paid excise duty, "the Customs Agency said.
The Stability Pact Co-ordinator travelled to Vidin, the town at the Bulgarian end of the new bridge to be built over the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria.
Tenders are invited for "Provision of telecommunications services through a public telecommunication cellular network, GSM / UMTS standard with national coverage and through a fixed telephone network by a licensed operator, for the needs of Vidin Municipality"