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 (lĭ-vō′nē-ə, -vōn′yə)
A region of north-central Europe in southern Estonia and northern Latvia. Originally settled by the Livs, a Finnic people, the area was conquered in the 1200s by German knights, the Livonian Brothers of the Sword. After the dissolution of the order (1561), Livonia was contested by Poland, Russia, and Sweden, finally becoming a Russian province in 1783. In 1918 Livonia was divided between Estonia and Latvia.

Li·vo′ni·an n. & adj.


1. (Placename) a former Russian province on the Baltic, north of Lithuania: became Russian in 1721; divided between Estonia and Latvia in 1918
2. (Placename) a city in SE Michigan, west of Detroit. Pop: 99 487 (2003 est)


(lɪˈvoʊ ni ə)

1. a former Russian province on the Baltic: now part of Latvia and Estonia.
2. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit. 105,099.
Li•vo′ni•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Livonia - a region on the Baltic that is divided between northern Estonia and southern Latvia
Esthonia, Estonia, Republic of Estonia - a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea
Latvia, Republic of Latvia - a republic in northeastern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea
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The common innovations of Livonian and Leivu South Estonian, which was once obviously an eastern neighbouring dialect of Vidzeme Livonian, are analyzed by Tiit-Rein Viitso (see Viitso 2009 in this volume).
The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Center (LACC) invite Vidzeme farmers, businessmen and residents to attend the conference Strong Regions, Strong Country!
Agnese Karaseva, director of Communication and Media studies at Latvia's Vidzeme University of Applied sciences
The present borders of Kurzeme have decreased giving the parts of it to Zemgale and Vidzeme regions (Fig.
Apparently, one of the reasons why Salaca Livonian survived longer than the other Livonian dialects of Vidzeme is its peripheral position between Latvian and Estonian settlement.
As reported, Riga Vidzeme District Court earlier in August ruled in favor of ReRe Buve 1 and banned VNI from signing any new contracts for other construction companies and third parties for completion of the reconstruction of New Riga Theater building on Lacplesa Street in Riga.
Contract awarded for Daily cleaning of territory in vidzeme region
The Baltic Times sat down to talk about the Soviets' harm with Gatis Krumins, rector of Latvia's Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, and Terese Birute Burauskaite, director of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania.
Lexikalische Entlehnungen haben zu meist ortsbezogenen Charakter: litauische Lehnworter kennt man hauptsachlich im sudlichen Kurland, livische und estnische Lehnworter in Vidzeme und im nordlichen Kurland sowie weissrussische und russische Lehnworter vorwiegend in Lettgallen.
750 immigrants in Riga, Zemgale, Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale provinces are expected to attend the courses, added Gugane.
The three stars depicted on the right-hand side of the logo symbolize our country's historic districts - Vidzeme, Kurzeme and Latgale - which emphasize the importance of the celebration in all regions of Latvia.