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Noun1.Vieques - a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico used for target practice by the United States Navy
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Porto Rico, Puerto Rico, PR - a self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States occupying the island of Puerto Rico
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Croix, USVI and Vieques, Puerto Rico, effective July 1.
lucayanum at 7 sites on 4 West Indies islands: Tortola, BVI (2 sites: Great Mountain, by Ridge Road, 18.445[degrees]N, 64.626[degrees]W, 17 Nov 2005; Martin Spring, 1.3 km up road by ghut, 18.430[degrees]N 64.585[degrees]W, 17 Nov 2005), Vieques, Puerto Rico (2 sites: Punta Conejo, beach, 18.109[degrees]N, 65.376[degrees]W, 7 June 2006; Playa Media Luna, sea grape, 18.089[degrees]N, 65.448[degrees]W, 7 June 2006), New Providence, Bahamas (1 site: Nassau, Ardastra Zoo, 25.073[degrees]N, 77.363[degrees]W, 5 July 2010), and Jamaica (2 sites: Whitfield Hall, mango, 18.044[degrees]N, 76.628[degrees]W, 24 Dec 2010; Richmond Vale, forest, 17.969[degrees]N, 76.578[degrees]W, 24 Dec 2010).
Navy's decision to essentially take over the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. When German U-boats sank more ships in the Caribbean than anywhere else, the American government resolved to turn the island of Vieques into an "unsinkable battleship"; the navy appropriated two-thirds of the island's land, ignoring the cultural traditions of the local Puerto Rican population, forcibly relocating residents, introducing racial discrimination, and destroying the local economy Battleship Vieques scrutinizes the ruthless occupation during and after World War II in fine detail, exploring the roots of the demonstrations that would eventually force the U.S.
Data has been gathered since 1999 on the eastern end of the Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico - a land and sea area that was used as a naval gunnery and bombing range from 1943-2003.
Donnelly, an associate scientist at WHOI, and Woodruff, a doctoral student in the MIT/ WHOI Joint Program, began reconstructing the history of Caribbean hurricanes in 2003 by driving 13-foot (4-meter) cores through the bottom of Laguna Playa Grande in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The lagoon is protected and separated from the ocean by dunes during all but the most severe tropical storms.
Martineau Bay Resort & Spa in Vieques, Puerto Rico is offering special rates through December 22, 2006, starting at $149 per night when booked before April 9, 2007.
(Indeed, we were not even aware of Favaretto's table until it was brought to our attention following the publication of our preparatory drawing in the March 2005 issue of Artforum.) Rather, our motivations stemmed from the desire to make a metaphoric vehicle striking enough to stimulate discussion around the complex issues concerning the land-reclamation movement on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.
military withdrawal from Panama in 1999, military troops and commands were reconcentrated in Puerto Rico, adding fuel to a nonviolent mass movement to throw the Navy out of its bombing range in Vieques, Puerto Rico. On May 1, 2003, the Navy vacated the Vieques range (though it remains in federal hands) and followed in March 2004 by closing the massive Roosevelt Roads Naval Station.
In 2001, for instance, the administration yielded to Hispanic groups that wanted to end Navy bombing tests in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Sen.
To the nearly 10,000 residents of Vieques, Puerto Rico, May 1 was a day of liberation.
Summit representatives also passed a resolution against war in Iraq and 13 other resolutions on assorted national and international issues, including one on Vieques, Puerto Rico. The Vieques controversy revolves around the U.S.