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Noun1.Viet Nam - a communist state in Indochina on the South China SeaViet Nam - a communist state in Indochina on the South China Sea; achieved independence from France in 1945
Dien Bien Phu - the French military base fell after a siege by Vietnam troops that lasted 56 days; ended the involvement of France in Indochina in 1954
Vietnam War, Vietnam - a prolonged war (1954-1975) between the communist armies of North Vietnam who were supported by the Chinese and the armies of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States
ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations - an association of nations dedicated to economic and political cooperation in southeastern Asia and who joined with the United States to fight against global terrorism
Indochina, Indochinese peninsula - a peninsula of southeastern Asia that includes Myanmar and Cambodia and Laos and Malaysia and Thailand and Vietnam
North Vietnam - a former country in southeastern Asia that existed from 1954 (after the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu) until 1975 when South Vietnam collapsed at the end of the Vietnam War
South Vietnam - a former country in southeastern Asia that existed from 1954 (after the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu) until 1975 when it was defeated and annexed by North Vietnam
capital of Vietnam, Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam; located in North Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon - a city in South Vietnam; formerly (as Saigon) it was the capital of French Indochina
Haiphong - a port city in northern Vietnam; industrial center
Annamese, Vietnamese - a native or inhabitant of Vietnam
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Accordingly, the office will function as a liaison office for market research and promotion of investment projects of Juroku Bank in Viet Nam.
In the first interview of the series, Dan Kim Son talks about how following the same people since 2006 has created an opportunity for researchers to see what development means in households across rural Viet Nam.
Rights:Copyrights Viet Nam News, All rights reserved .
Woods' short history of Viet Nam achieves much in some eighty pages: it highlights the major political developments of Viet Nam's nearly 4,000 years of history, while introducing important facets of Vietnamese culture.
The Dhamma classes included a question and answer session on the Dhamma as well as key historic events of advent and spread of the Dhamma in Sri Lanka and Viet Nam.
Diana says the deal will be completed in November and that the founder of Diana Viet Nam will remain involved in business management.
Addressing the meeting, Tran Bac Ha, general director of the Bank for Investment and Development of Viet Nam (BIDV), which helped pave the way for Vietnamese businesses to set up representative offices in Cambodia, said Vietnamese investment to Cambodia had grown rapidly in the past year.
She said that Viet Nam also called on both sides to avoid unilateral action that might aggravate the situation in order to create conditions for the resumption of the peace process in the Middle East.
He also said Viet Nam would boost dissemination of information via books and newspapers, while encouraging domestic firms to participate in seminars and trade fairs in Egypt.
Viet Nam ranks fourth worldwide after Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia in rubber exports, but the ministry believes it can increase both the quality and number of rubber exports.
Vice President of the Viet Nam Coffee-Cocoa Association (Vicofa) Doan Trieu Nhan said that prolonged drought has caused a sharp reduction in coffee supply by Viet Nam and Brazil.