Vieux Carré

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Vieux Car·ré

 (vyo͞o′ kä-rā′)
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The Louisiana Supreme Court in Vieux Carre Property Owners and Associates.
As examples, Hosaka cites classics like the Pink Lady and Vieux Carre, as well as modern takes like the Fall Back (rye and apple brandy) and Don't Mind If I Do (bourbon and apple brandy).
There's no evidence he escaped the blaze, and the Vieux Carre Courier, a local newspaper, which published the names of those who perished listed Larry Frost as "tentatively identified."
The event will involve a parade featuring schoolchildren in carnival costumes, music from jazz band The Vieux Carre Jazzmen and a glimpse of this year's main carnival centrepiece, a giant queen ant.
For most of its first 19 years, the company, founded in 1986 by scholar and sometime playwright Rosary O'Neill, had been ensconced in Canal Place, a multilevel shopping center at the foot of Canal Street, the dividing line between the city's historic Vieux Carre and its central business district.
Dim lighting, a 1920s-era vibe and art deco touches give the bar elegance; must-try libations include the Vieux Carre (rye, cognac, sweet vermouth, Benedictine and angostura bitters) and the Modern Cocktail #2 (blended scotch, slow gin, grenadine, absinthe and orange bitters).
The French Quarter (known locally as Vieux Carre), dates from the French and Spanish eras and its notable tourist attractions include Bourbon Street, St.
Vieux Carre Videography beautifully documented the evening and provided a photo booth with props for the guests' entertainment As the reception concluded, the couple departed through rose petals thrown by their family and friends.
Vieux Carre courtyards come in all shapes, sizes and styles.
New Orleans Heat and Brian Carrick's Heritage Hall jazz band will be Joined by The Vieux Carre Jazzmen, The Eugene Farrer Band, The Young Red Onion Jazz Babies and The Mississippi Dreamboats for the event.
Appraising in national historic districts like the New Orleans French Quarter (or Vieux Carre) can be difficult, if not downright tricky, given the layers of government regulations, preservation requirements and deed restrictions that appraisers must sort through when determining a property's highest and best use.
Set in New Orleans at the "far end of Chartres Street in the Vieux Carre," "Thank You" tracks a group of believers and skeptics who visit a Creole spiritualist, the octoroon Mother DuClos, "a small grizzled woman with a hunched back, robed in white like an angel.