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 (vēn-yē′), Comte Alfred Victor de 1797-1863.
French writer. A leader of the romantic school, he wrote several volumes of poetry, including Destinées (1864).
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(French viɲi)
(Biography) Alfred Victor de (alfrɛd viktɔr də). 1797–1863, French romantic poet, novelist, and dramatist, noted for his pessimistic lyric verse Poèmes antiques et modernes (1826) and Les Destinées (1864), the novel Cinq-Mars (1826), and the play Chatterton (1835)
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Alfred Victor de, 1797–1863, French poet, novelist, and playwright.
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You have to scan the vistas of the past if you are searching for a future, wrote French poet Alfred de Vigny. It sounds like a paradox, but yesterday indeed informs our future.
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Given the story's title, the reader can hardly help seeing Vigny's romantic line as anything but a characterization of the title character.
However, like Lamartine, Vigny and Hugo before him, the versatile Musset wrote successful lyric poetry, verse narrative, plays, prose fiction and essays, as if to demonstrate the superiority of the individual talent to the traditional forms that would constrain it.
Malgre les attaques, les proces d'intention, il a toujours fait sienne cette remarque de Vigny: [beaucoup moins que]Les dindons vont en troupe, le lion est seul dans le desert.[beaucoup plus grand que]
Vigny (nee Smith), aged 93 years, died peacefully in her sleep on Tuesday 7th May 2013.
Silence can be very dignified, and very effective too, as French 19th-century poet, Alfred de Vigny, pointed out in his poem "La Mort du Lap" (the death of a wolf).
His anxiety was heightened by an acute need for literary recognition, especially because his generation colleagues were already famous--Victor Hugo, Alfred de Vigny, Alfred de Musset, Charles Nodier, Alexandre Dumas or Honore de Balzac.
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