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What do you mean by comin' to a hot-el, and asking arter Sam, vith as much politeness as a vild Indian?'
Furthermore, the ratio between the EET and the vertically integrated liquid (VIL) results in the VIL density (VILD; in g [m.sup.-3]), also a NEXRAD proxy that has been traditionally used as an indicator for updraft strength and hail production (Kitzmiller et al.
The EET and VILD are provided as level-3 products at 1[degrees] x 1-km polar grid resolution.
It was conventional to prefer Thomson's Indolence canto of course, but it required a degree of temerity to model Harold on Mickle's unreformed rake: Yet not himselfe, but Heavens Great King he blamd, And dard his Wisdom and his Will arraign; For boldly he the Ways of God blasphemd, And of blinde Governaunce did loudlie plain, And vild selfe-pity would his eyes distain....
Eaton Electrical 221 Heywood Road Arden, NC 28704 Tel: (828) 684-2381 Fax: Paul Taylor Product Line Manager Rod Spottsville Sales Manager Brent Vild Sales Engineer Ron Hartzel MVD Design Engineering Manager Products: Transfer switch equipment including automatic, soft load, bypass isolation, closed transition (less than 100 MS) non-automatic, manual and peak shaving equipment, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), generator breakers, integrated equipment solutions.
Sanidine properties of Telychian bentonites Identification numbers and names Number of Stage and Vild Interpo- Bentonite sections formation depth lated depth name ID in the Vild core, m 127 112.70 Ireviken 6 Jaani Stage 150 115.00 Lusklint 7 Mustjala 210 121.00 Ohesaare 6 Formation 311 131.10 Aizpute 6 457 145.75 Kirikukula 10 475 147.50 Viki 12 480 148.00 Kaugatuma 6 488 148.80 Kuressaare 8 494 149.40 Ruhnu 14 504 150.40 2 518 151.80 Viirelaid 10 520 152.00 L6etsa 10 521 152.10 8?
Vild is also working on a new book, A Food Service Manual for Camps and Conference Centers, for ACA which will also be the featured text for the upcoming online cook's course through ACA's Web site.
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