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Noun1.Vilno - the capital and largest city of LithuaniaVilno - the capital and largest city of Lithuania; located in southeastern Lithuania
Lietuva, Lithuania, Republic of Lithuania - a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea
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Pavlov's reputation drew women from all over Europe and the Russian Empire, predominately from Saint Petersburg (8) but also from Kiev (Ukraine), Vilno, Latvia, Saratov, and Tiflis (modern day Tiblisi, Georgia).
For one thing, the Muscovite-Commonwealth reconciliation in Vilno (1656) made the hetman extremely angry; he likely realized that his choice of the Muscovite tsar as protector (1654) did not benefit the Cossack side as much as he originally expected.
Anzitutto perche c'era mia madre, che era una straniera--russa, dicevano--nata a Vilno in Lituania, allora provincia dell'impero russo.
As she treated the group to a lengthy-overview of Jewish life in Vilnius known multilingually as Vilnia, Vilno, Vilna, Vilne, Wilna, or Wilno--from the 14th century to the present, she highlighted the city's former prominence as the most significant Jewish intellectual and cultural capital in the world.
On this map we can already find the Firth of the Kursiai Marios, the Bartuva, Venta (POLLER FLV.), Sventoji (HILLIGE FLV.), Nemunas (Niemo fl.), Neris rivers as well as such settlements as Klaipeda, Varniai (Myednyky), Tytuvenai, Kaunas (Kofno), Vilnius (Vilno), Grodno, Lyda and Kreve (Chomskis 1958).