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or Vin·ni·tsa  (vĭn′ĭ-tsə, vē′nĭ-)
A city of west-central Ukraine southwest of Kiev. Founded in the 1300s, it passed to Russia in 1793 and is now a processing center and railroad junction.
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In September, an Ukrainian ArmyAaAaAeA{Es ammunition depot in the city Vinnytsya caught fire, setting off gigantic explosions and forcing the evacuation of about 30,000 people.
1-1: 2013 Construction of the "Bronnitsy-Ungur" International Automobile Check Point at the address: Bronnitsy village, Mogilev-Podilsky district of Vinnytsya oblast (45000000-7 "Construction work and repair") - Production and installation of modular structures (structures)
1970, Ukraine, Vinnytsya region, the town of Mogyliv-Podilskyi.
Everything is serious now," said Serhiy from Vinnytsya region in central Ukraine.
The next major project will be the Vinnytsya integrated poultry production complex.
17, New Style], 1864, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, Russian Empire [now Vinnytsya, Ukraine]--d.
Apart from issues of development of airport infrastructure - in particular, the airports of Lviv, Kherson, Odessa, Vinnytsya, Zaporizhzhya, the document as expected would stipulate for the ways to support national airline companies, but preventing the possibility of creating any market monopolies, as well as to renew the fleet and use low-cost operation model.
Ivano-Frankivsk, Volyn, Vinnytsya and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea