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or Vin·ni·tsa  (vĭn′ĭ-tsə, vē′nĭ-)
A city of west-central Ukraine southwest of Kiev. Founded in the 1300s, it passed to Russia in 1793 and is now a processing center and railroad junction.
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In September, an Ukrainian ArmyAaAaAeA{Es ammunition depot in the city Vinnytsya caught fire, setting off gigantic explosions and forcing the evacuation of about 30,000 people.
Date and place of birth: 26.11.1970, Ukraine, Vinnytsya region, the town of Mogyliv-Podilskyi.
Everything is serious now," said Serhiy from Vinnytsya region in central Ukraine.
The next major project will be the Vinnytsya integrated poultry production complex.
17, New Style], 1864, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, Russian Empire [now Vinnytsya, Ukraine]--d.