vinho verde

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vin·ho ver·de

 (vē′nyō vĕr′dā)
A light and often sparkling red or white wine from northwest Portugal, usually intended to be consumed within a year of its production.

[Portuguese : verde, green, young (because the wine is drunk young) (from Old Portuguese, from Latin viridis) + vinho, wine (from Old Portuguese, from Latin vīnum).]
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Vinho Verde

(ˌviːnjəʊ ˈvɜːdɪ)
(Brewing) any of a variety of light, slightly sharp-tasting wines made from early-picked grapes in the Minho region of NW Portugal
[Portuguese, literally: green (or young) wine]
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Vino verde is served here from just over a kilometer away, on a neighbouring vineyard.
Choices include a Vino Verde from Portugal, a Spanish Rueda Verdejo and Old Vine Garnacha, Sicilian Vermentino and Nero D'Avola, and a Costieres de Nimes from the South of France.
The 29-year-old Glaswegian won a three-man play-off at Royal Durban to become the first Scot to win the opening event of a European Tour season since Stephen McAllister was victorious in the 1990 Vino Verde Atlantic Open.
Co-owner Dave Danzig said the shop, Vino Verde, will likely open within three months at 638 Grand Street on the east side of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.
TRY Chicken Piri-Piri, a local speciality and very hot - wash it down with a glass of Vino Verde.
Howard and Allison lean and bend, uncorking fat bottles of vino verde. The harpist is carting around, looking for the spot to play without an amp.