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Noun1.Vinogradoff - British historian (born in Russia) (1854-1925)
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Here Aristotle, heir to the poets, dramatists, historians, and Plato, theorized the laws and the practices of the Greeks (Vinogradoff 1922).
Van Hees P, Vinogradoff S, Edwards A, Godbold D, Jones D (2003) Low molecular weight organic acid adsorption in forest soils: effects on soil solution concentrations and biodegradation rates.
The agenda was projected by renowned speakers, including Phillipe Vinogradoff, French Ambassador for Sports; Dr Jean-Francois Robin, a specialist in Work Psychology and Sports Didactics; Khalid Jassem, Qatari TV presenter and writer on Al Kass TV Sports Channels; Xavier Bouyer, international performer and artist; and Nasser al Hinzab, legal counsel of Qatar to UNESCO.
The agenda was projected by renowned speakers, including Philippe Vinogradoff, French Ambassador for Sport; Dr Jean-Francois Robin, specialist in work psychology and sport didactics; Khalid Jassem, Qatari TV presenter and writer on Al Kass TV sports channels; Xavier Bouyer, internationally renowned performer and artist; and Nasser al-Hinzab, legal counsel of Qatar to Unesco.
Ante la negativa de la Asamblea Nacional de comparecer ante esta, la nueva e ilegitima Asamblea Constituyente decidio por Decreto asumir directamente las funciones de la Asamblea, destituyendo a su directiva y virtualmente disolviendo el legitimo parlamento venezolano (Vinogradoff: 2017).
Tamanaha names Frederick Pollock and Paul Vinogradoff.
291 where the transferor of shares structured the transaction precisely to avoid retaining any beneficial interest in the shares; Re Vinogradoff [1935] W.N.
Segun Vinogradoff (61), es obligado al estudiar la recepcion y el regimen juridico de Francia partir de la existencia de dos zonas de influencia bien diferenciadas:
During that decade in practice he had been swayed into the study of legal history by contact with Frederick Pollock (1845-1937) and Paul Vinogradoff (1854-1925), two formidable scholars, successively holders of the Corpus chair of jurisprudence in the University of Oxford, and both interested in the earliest English law as a prime example of Western feudal development.
Ludmila Vinogradoff, the Caracas correspondent for the Spanish newspaper ABC wrote, "This measure brings Venezuela a little closer to social unrest." Nevertheless, nothing like this has happened.