Vipera berus

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Noun1.Vipera berus - small terrestrial viper common in northern EurasiaVipera berus - small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia
viper - venomous Old World snakes characterized by hollow venom-conducting fangs in the upper jaw
genus Vipera, Vipera - type genus of the Viperidae
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All attending celebrities, select press and media, and other VIPs will receive Gypsy Grove's Vipera Berus bracelets in their gift bags.
Hemorrhagic stomatitis in a natural hybrid of Vipera ammodytes x Vipera berus due to inappropriate substrate in terrarium.
Costs of reproduction in male adders, Vipera berus.
The provision of European viper antivenom, for the treatment of individuals bitten by the vipera berus (common European adder), deliveries will be required over a period of 1 year, with the option to extend on two occasions for up to an additional 12 months on each occasion.
The birds are represented by Aquila chrysaetos, Corvux corax, Tetrao urogallus, and Lacerta viridis or Vipera berus are among the reptile species in the area.
Vipera berus ydi'r enw gwyddonol ar y wiber, a common European viper neu common European adder ydi'r enw arni hi yn Saesneg.
1996) state in respect to their questionnaire survey on the status and distribution of adders Vipera berus that farmers, compared with other respondents, represent a more stable community, and are therefore more likely to have been familiar with their surroundings for a longer period of time and are thus more likely to notice changes in their environment.
Reproductive tactics in an island population of adders, Vipera berus (L.
The European adder, Vipera berus, is the only venomous snake native to the UK.
THE common adder - or Vipera Berus - is widespread throughout the UK and western Europe.
A nationwide study of Vipera berus bites during one year-epidemiology and morbidity of 231 cases.

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