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Noun1.Viperidae - Old World vipersViperidae - Old World vipers      
reptile family - a family of reptiles
viper - venomous Old World snakes characterized by hollow venom-conducting fangs in the upper jaw
genus Vipera, Vipera - type genus of the Viperidae
Bitis, genus Bitis - a genus of Viperidae
Aspis, genus Aspis, genus Cerastes - horned vipers
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Taiwan is located in a subtropical area where there are approximately 50 kinds of land snakes and six principal kinds of venous snakes belonging to two families, the Viperidae , and the Elapidae .[1]
"Notably, the bones, scales and a fang of a snake in the Viperidae family were also recovered from the coprolite, which is the first direct archaeological evidence of venomous snake consumption known to the researchers."
The local toxic effects caused by bites of snakes from the Viperidae family, especially those from the Crotalinae subfamily, are mainly due to the actions of PLA2, metalloproteases, and serine proteases.
The present goal of the study was to characterize the hemoglobin of Leaf-nosed viper (Eristicophis macmahonii), member of family Viperidae. The snake is found in the deserts of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.
Although there are some types belonging to the Colubridae family, which contain toxins dangerous to humans, only those belonging to the Viperidae and Elapidae families pose great danger to humans.
(Nematoda: Rhabdiasidae), a parasite of Brothrops atrox (Linnaeus) (Reptilia: Serpentes: Viperidae) in Brazilian Amazonia.
Venomous snakes belong to five main families: Hydrophiinae, Elapidae, Viperidae, Crotalidae, and Colubridae [8, 9].
La Familia Viperidae, representada principalmente por el genero Crotalus, destaco por el numero de menciones en el uso medicinal y el magico-religioso.
Contribucion al conocimiento de las serpientes venenosas del Peru de las familias Viperidae, Elapidae, e Hydrophiidae (Ophidia:Reptilia).
No Brasil, as serpentes peconhentas de interesse em saude publica sao representadas por quatro generos da Familia Viperidae; serpentes do genero Bothrops, vulgarmente denominadas de jararaca, jararacucu, urutu, caicaca e comboia, estao agrupadas em dois generos--Bothrops e Botrocophias; Crotalus (cascavel); Lachesis (surucucu-pico-de-jaca); Micrurus e Leptomicrurus (coral-verdadeira) (SANTANA; SUCHARA, 2015).