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Noun1.Virgilia - genus of South African trees having pinnate leaves and rose-purple flowers followed by leathery pods
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Papilionoideae, subfamily Papilionoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae
Virgilia capensis, Virgilia oroboides, keurboom - tree with odd-pinnate leaves and racemes of fragrant pink to purple flowers
keurboom, Virgilia divaricata - fast-growing roundheaded tree with fragrant white to deep rose flowers; planted as an ornamental
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While there is no fine blue print or shortcut toward guaranteed success, three award-winning franchisees of 7-Eleven-Odilio Alcaria, Virgilia Redulla and Lou Penaflor-share their personal stories and valuable advice that can positively inspire you as you take charge of your entrepreneurial journey.
They claimed Picardal gave money to voters Nelia and Virgilia, both surnamed Belas, Rixine Quintanar and Lina Abac supposedly as reimbursements for hospital expenses they incurred last year.
Petitioners accused Picardal of giving money to registered voters Nelia and Virgilia Belas, Rixine Quintanar and Lina Abac in the amounts of P800, P648, and P400, respectively, in March and April.
The two significant figures in his life are a neighbor girl, Virgilia, three years his senior, whom he loves, and Fergus Connellan, the son of his patroness, who is four years younger but whose wild and willful personality soon makes him the dominant figure in the triad.
She does in no way represent the contemporary ideal of the silent woman, an ideal which finds expression at the time in an allegorical term like "Lady Silence" and in Coriolanus' praise of his wife Virgilia "as my gracious silence" (II.1.161).
Coriolanus' wife, Virgilia, is already a virtuous woman in the original play, yet in the Tate adaptation she is raped and subsequently dies in Coriolanus' arms, asking that he take her "unspotted soul, in this last sigh" (Tate 1682, 61).
The poets Bellalma Forzato-Spezia and Virgilia DAndrea are two examples.
In March 2006, Atentar, who was a special land investigator of the DENR Community Environment and Natural Resources Office, demanded P100,000 from the complainant, Virgilia Seguerra, for the processing of the MSA for a lot in San Isidro, Talisay City.
Fabio Solis-Jimenez [ID], (1) Hector Hinojosa-Heredia [ID], (2) Luis Garcia-Covarrubias, (2) Virgilia Soto-Abraham, (3) and Rafael Valdez-Ortiz [ID] (4)