Virgin Islands National Park

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Vir′gin Is′lands Na′tional Park′

a national park on St. John Island, Virgin Islands. 23 sq. mi. (59 sq. km).
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Noun1.Virgin Islands National Park - a national park in the Virgin Islands having tropical plants and animalsVirgin Islands National Park - a national park in the Virgin Islands having tropical plants and animals; sandy beaches and coral reefs
Virgin Islands - a group of islands in northeastern West Indies (east of Puerto Rico) discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493; owned by United States and Britain
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Gary Ray, Ph.D., a restoration ecologist and proprietor of Virgin Forest Restorations, an eco consulting firm, has drawn up the plans and will oversee the Eco Serendib Beach Restoration Project under the guidance of the Virgin Islands National Park. Plantings will include sea grape, nothing nut, orange manjack, black torch and barbasco - plants that are native to the Virgin Islands and better able to control erosion, while discouraging invasive exotics.
Ultimately, the property will be added to Virgin Islands National Park, making it the largest preservation project on St.
Not far off the shores of coastal parks like Biscayne, Dry Tortugas, and Virgin Islands National Parks are the ancient skeletons of dozens of shipwreck victims.
The Virgin Islands National Park (VINP), created in 1956 and later expanded through land purchases and donations, is located on the island of St.
Watch choreography by Donald Byrd at Virgin Islands National Park, Elizabeth Streb at the Wright Brothers National Memorial, and Doug Varone at Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park.
Virgin Islands National Park's 10,000 acres of land and 5,000 acres of water (and adjacent Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument) constitute a Caribbean paradise, with reefs teeming with life, pristine white beaches, isolated bays, tropical forests, and pre-Columbian Caribe Indian petroglyphs.
Visitors to Virgin Islands National Park, California's Channel Islands, and Florida's Biscayne Bay all have the opportunity to see the dazzling light show for themselves.

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