Virgin Mary

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Virgin Mary 1

See Mary1.

Virgin Mary 2

A bloody mary made without alcohol.

[On the model of bloody mary (influenced by Virgin Mary, in reference to the notion that the drink is uncontaminated by alcohol).]

Virgin Mary

(Bible) Mary, the mother of Christ. Also called: the Virgin

Vir′gin Mar′y

2. a Bloody Mary made without vodka or other liquor.
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Noun1.Virgin Mary - the mother of JesusVirgin Mary - the mother of Jesus; Christians refer to her as the Virgin Mary; she is especially honored by Roman Catholics
2.Virgin Mary - a Bloody Mary made without alcoholVirgin Mary - a Bloody Mary made without alcohol  
Bloody Mary - a cocktail made with vodka and spicy tomato juice
Vergine Maria
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Every month they commemorate the assumption of the Virgin Mary, and are of opinion that no Christians beside themselves have a true sense of the greatness of the mother of God, or pay her the honours that are due to her.
They are possessed with a strange notion that they are the only true Christians in the world; as for us, they shunned us as heretics, and were under the greatest surprise at hearing us mention the Virgin Mary with the respect which is due to her, and told us that we could not be entirely barbarians since we were acquainted with the mother of God.
we shall have the honor of declaiming and representing, before his eminence, monsieur the cardinal, a very beautiful morality which has for its title, 'The Good Judgment of Madame the Virgin Mary.
There she stands,'' pointing to a rude image of the Virgin Mary, ``see if she can avert the fate that awaits thee.
All that is here in Spanish is what the Moorish paper contains, and you must bear in mind that when it says 'Lela Marien' it means 'Our Lady the Virgin Mary.
The old masters did paint some Venetian historical pictures, and these we did not tire of looking at, notwithstanding representations of the formal introduction of defunct doges to the Virgin Mary in regions beyond the clouds clashed rather harshly with the proprieties, it seemed to us.
As Lydgate rode away, he thought, "This young creature has a heart large enough for the Virgin Mary.
To this day they relate the atrocious actions of the bucaniers; and especially of one man, who took away the figure of the Virgin Mary, and returned the year after for that of St.
We often ate and drank with those men; and though I must confess the conversion, as they call it, of the Chinese to Christianity is so far from the true conversion required to bring heathen people to the faith of Christ, that it seems to amount to little more than letting them know the name of Christ, and say some prayers to the Virgin Mary and her Son, in a tongue which they understood not, and to cross themselves, and the like; yet it must be confessed that the religionists, whom we call missionaries, have a firm belief that these people will be saved, and that they are the instruments of it; and on this account they undergo not only the fatigue of the voyage, and the hazards of living in such places, but oftentimes death itself, and the most violent tortures, for the sake of this work.
There was a young lady, as beautiful as the Virgin Mary, in the carriage, and a young man, who looked like the young lady.
A procession and thanksgiving Mass welcomed the return of an image of the Virgin Mary to the Our Lady of the Pillar parish church here on Sunday, more than four years after it was stolen.
Police and archaeologists were called in on Friday by the Pano Arodes community leader, Matheos Stefanou, after the woman alerted him that she had found the remains as directed in her vision and that they were buried in a cave next to the church dedicated to Virgin Mary.