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One born under the sign of Virgo.

Vir′go·an adj.


nJungfrau f; he’s a Virgoaner ist (eine) Jungfrau
adj he’s Virgoaner ist (eine) Jungfrau
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But one way you can channel or handle any pressures or restlessness, is to escape into your imagination, which is enriched by a helpful Virgoan Moon.
PS are fai your month are investigating what' you count the new Mo Key to this is you beneficial plan Key to this is your resident Jupiter, a beneficial planet enjoying his 12-yearly visit to all things Virgoan.
He's obsessed by them, blaming a Virgoan birth sign, the complexity of modern farming and a diary which brims with commitments.
VIRGOAN pets are loveable and sociable, and tend to follow you around.
Describe yourself in five words Miserably cheerful troubled Virgoan oddball.
He is a Virgo with not a single Virgoan trait, but loads of Leo characteristics (he was born nearly three weeks late, which would have made him a Leo).
THIS week first brings lavish, loving and organising Leos on to planet Earth, and then from Saturday 23 at 14:08hrs in come the meticulous analysts and record keepers of the Zodiac, our newest Virgoan arrivals
This gives the Virgoan personality a unique blend of down-to-earth practicality and mercurial imagination.
Another Virgoan - neat, precise, dedicated and reads the game beautifully.
Her chart shows three Virgoan planets, suggesting a discriminating, health- conscious nature, someone who likes her independence, too.
Although Madonna's outward demeanour is raunchy there is also a Virgoan influence - she is always neatly turned out and is a caring mother.