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n.1.(Physics) A certain function relating to a system of forces and their points of application, - first used by Clausius in the investigation of problems in molecular physics.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In the case of the Virial equation of state, in which deviation of gas from ideal gas behaviour is predicted by defining a correction factor (named "compression factor") [36].
The structure of waxy maize starch was characterized by molecular weight distribution and the second virial coefficient as obtained from light-scattering technology, as well as by transmission electron microscopy.
While the virial theorem derives its name from the work of Clausius [1], credit for its initial formulation has also been ascribed to Lagrange [2], as the theorem can be derived from the Lagrange identity [3, 4].
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The virial theorem for harmonic oscillator confinement predicts the equality of the LF kinetic and potential contributions to [M.sup.2.sub.H] for each hadron.
Nodzenski [21] calculated the isosteric heats of sorption methane and carbon dioxide on hard coal using the thermal sorption equation of the virial form.
As Mercury before it, Venus will have reached its virial temperature.
"The projected separation between d1005+68 and BK5N of 5 kpc is well within the estimated virial radius of BK5N (about 40 kpc).