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An infectious particle, similar to but smaller than a virus, that consists solely of a strand of RNA and is capable of causing disease in plants.


(Biochemistry) any of various infective RNA particles, smaller than a virus and known to cause some plant diseases
[C20: from vir(us) + -oid]


(ˈvaɪ rɔɪd)

an infectious agent of plants similar to a virus but consisting of only a short, single strand of RNA without a protein coat.
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Noun1.viroid - the smallest of viruses; a plant virus with its RNA arranged in a circular chromosome without a protein coat
plant virus - a plant pathogen that is a virus consisting of a single strand of RNA
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The Guidelines includes regulating all Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), viroids, viruses, cells and organisms, modified or constructed through genetic engineering), derivatives thereof and wastes or by-products of genetic engineering practices (containing viable organisms or otherwise).
This edition has been updated to include 26 video interviews with scientists; new chapters on the infected cell and unusual infectious agents, viroids, satellites, and prions; the viral life cycles of five new virus families; and rewritten and reorganized chapters on epidemiology and epidemics, barriers to infection, the early host response, adaptive immunity and the establishment of memory, and mechanisms of pathogenesis.
Bentonite has been reported to improve the infectivity of the potato spindle tuber viroids [26].
Chemiluminescent detection of potato and pome fruit viroids by digoxigeninlabelled dot blot and tissue blot hybridization.
Now in a completely updated and significantly expanded second edition the "Compendium of Tomato Diseases and Pests" is a compendium of some 250 images and associated information organized into a highly useful instructional reference that will allows both amateur and professional gardeners to understand, diagnose, and treat more than 60 diseases of tomato occurring throughout the world, including nearly 20 new diseases and disorders, including those caused by fungi and oomycetes, bacteria, phytoplasmas, viruses and viroids.
Graft-transmissible diseases may be caused by viruses, viroids or other pathogens (e.
Supporting the relevance of the present results for pathogen detection using molecular probes, in many studies, molecular non-radioactive hybridization for simultaneous detection of different viruses and/or viroids using a single probe or polyprobe containing different viral and/or viroidal nucleotide sequences has been developed, and successfully used for pathogen diagnosis (HERRANZ et al.
From wit, Morton then moves on to the overtly gothic: "What exists outside the charmed circles of Nature and life is a charnel ground, a place of life and death, of death-in-life and life-in-death, an undead place of zombies, viroids, junk DNA, ghosts, silicates, cyanide, radiation, demonic forces, and pollution.
Two rapid microscale procedures for isolation of total RNA from leaves rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides: Application for sensitive detection of grapevine viroids.
Cryopreservation has an added benefit of eliminating bacteria, viruses, and viroids to ensure disease-free germplasm for citrus research, breeding, and commercial operations.
The topics include the Irish potato famine and the birth of plant pathology, the single-cell pathogens bacteria, underground soilborne pathogens, fungi in food as natural poisons and gourmet delicacies, and viruses and viroids.
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