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Computer hacks are a risk for any business, but are an acute challenge for those with virtual work teams.
Haaga-helia offers vdi virtual work stations for about 700 staff members and 11,000 students.
While I don't agree with some of these ideas (I am much more in favor of virtual work teams, as well as dogs and children at the office), almost everything else is spot on.
Working Virtually" is for the executive leading changes in an enterprise that is preparing for virtual work or seeking to improve current performance.
According to recent surveys*, 56% of senior leaders and hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies believe virtual work will increase at their company.
Birdie and Jain present readers with a comprehensive examination of the concepts and analytical approaches to organizational behavior around virtual work.
The Way We Work Study has found virtual work has become normal practice with close to two thirds (60 percent) of knowledge workers in small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the US, UK and Germany now using on-demand tools-- technology that is internet or cloud-based--in their professional roles, the survey said.
Many organizations like IBM embraces virtual work not only as a means of helping employees with work- life balance issues, but also for bottom line interests.
Nabbesh is the Middle East's only virtual skills marketplace and was founded in 2012 by Khazen as a solution for the region's growing unemployment challenges by connecting talented individuals with flexible and virtual work opportunities.
Platforms--as TYP03 CMS or the Neos based Social Intranet build by Dutch opensource ICT-company Youwe--are suited by their versatility to organize virtual work environments so that employees can work from any location and from any device.
Increasingly, virtual work, telework and self-employment are viable options.