Visceral cavity

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(Anat.) the ventral cavity of a vertebrate, which contains the alimentary canal, as distinguished from the dorsal, or cerebro-spinal, canal.

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A total of 1,230 swabs were collected from the oropharynx, cloacal cavity, and visceral cavity of chicken carcasses supplied from the LPM system (Table 1).
Such as, Peprilus triacanthus's ovaries were described as symmetric and paralleled organs, fused at the posterior portion, having triangular-circular cross-sectional form and localized completely in the visceral cavity (Kobelkowsky, 2012).
The superfamily Bopyrina included three families as Dajidae (parasitic in the incubatory chamber or on the dorsal surface of the Mysids and Euphosiids), Bopyridae (in branchial cavity or on the abdominal cavity of the Anomuran and Macrura) and Entoniscidae (in visceral cavity of Brachyura and Anomura) (Hartnoll, 1960).
Species of the genus Hysterothylacium are parasitic in both larval and adult stage and can be found parasitizing the visceral cavity, mesentery and intestine of marine and freshwater fishes (Khaleghzadeh-Ahangar et al., 2011).
If the lining of the visceral cavity is still intact, this can be cut to expose the underlying organs.
The visceral cavity is expanding and appears to be proportionately larger than in control embryos (bracket, [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2F OMITTED]).
To study the indirect effects of food intake, the percentage of fat stored inside the visceral cavity (AF) was visual estimation (1 = without fat; 2 = with fat and 3 = full of fat).