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(General Physics) physics (of a solid or liquid) exhibiting both viscous and elastic behaviour when deformed
ˌviscoelasˈticity n
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(ˌvɪs koʊ ɪˈlæs tɪk)

pertaining to a substance having both viscous and elastic properties.
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Adj.1.viscoelastic - having viscous as well as elastic properties
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
elastic - capable of resuming original shape after stretching or compression; springy; "an elastic band"; "a youthful and elastic walk"
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They cover fractional Van der Pol oscillation, fractional Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics with memory, fractional relaxation-oscillation phenomena, fractional calculus and long-range interactions, the dynamics of nonlinear systems with power-law memory, fractional viscoelasticity, relationships between one-dimensional and space fractals and fractional integrals and their applications in physics, thermodiffusion in a deformable solid: fractional calculus approach, fractional generalization of gradient mechanics, applying fractional calculus to fractal media, and fractional-order constitutive equations in mechanics and thermodynamics.
The key to the material is its viscoelasticity, meaning it combines fluid and solid properties.
The Model VR-7130 viscoelasticity analyzer was designed to eliminate the possible causes of measurement errors and variability by adopting a fully automatic system and unique temperature sensor.
First of all, the tack value, viscosity, ink thread length, ink flow, viscoelasticity, thixotropy, and emulsification rate of adhesives should meet the requirements of the offset press as the requirements to the offset inks.
Using industry standard instrumentation; profilometry, viscoelasticity, and either trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), or conductance capacitance measurement, respectfully:
The viscoelasticity of bumpers is analysed by using an updated pounding force method proposed by our previous work.
Most of the existing studies on DEs have focused on quasistatic deformation [5-8], neglecting the effect of inertia and viscoelasticity.
Another important property for polymer flooding is the viscoelasticity of the polymer aqueous solution, which is closely related to the microscopic displacement efficiency.
Differences in the viscosity and viscoelasticity of brand-name and generic ACV creams have been previously reported [8].
In case the string is made of a viscoelastic material, we recall the equation of linear viscoelasticity in one dimensional space (see [8,9])
The application of viscoelasticity is regarded as the most successful one.