viscosity index

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viscos′ity in`dex

an arbitrary scale for lubricating oils that indicates the extent of variation in viscosity with variation of temperature.
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Viscosity index improver (VII) [1, 2], pour-point depressants (PPD) [3, 4], anti-wear (AW) [5, 6], antioxidant [7], detergent-dispersant [8], emulsifiers, demulsifiers etc.
Nomenclature TAN: Total acid number TBN: Total base number ICPAES: Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer FBT: Four-ball tribotester WSD: Wear scar diameter EP: Extreme pressure SEM: Scanning electron microscope VI: Viscosity index [[mu].sub.0]: Dynamic viscosity [T.sub.A]: Absolute temperature n: Power law index [mu]: Coefficient of friction [rho]: Density at 15[degrees]C [v.sub.40]: Kinematic viscosity at 40[degrees]C [v.sub.100]: Kinematic viscosity at 100[degrees]C Multiple R: Coefficient of multiple correlations [R.sup.2]: Coefficient of determination SS: Sum of squares df: Degree of freedom MS: Mean squared Residual MS: Mean squared error SS Residual: Residual sum of squares SS Total: Total sum of squares.
"Our best-performing materials show a sufficiently high viscosity index along with much better friction properties than our benchmarks," Cosimbescu added.
Table 4 reflects the indication of kinematic viscosity (c.s.t), viscosity (cp) at 40[degrees]C and 100[degrees]C, viscosity index (VI) and pour point as measured biolubricant standard.
Especially in the Middle East, where temperatures can rise very high, the Viscosity Index of these naphthenic oils render proper cooling for the important assets that are the transformers and they deliver great oxidation stability in this harsh climate.
[PO.sub.o] has kinematic viscosity about 45.9 cSt (40[degrees]C) and 9.4 cSt (100[degrees]C) with viscosity index of 195 [7].
* High viscosity index to help ensure minimum viscosity change when variations in temperature occur.
They provide thermal and oxidation stability, high viscosity index, high flash point, low pour point, and hydrolytic stability while protecting against rust, oxidation and foaming.
Various data can be computed from the MSD curve, such as the Elasticity Index (El), the Solid-Liquid Balance (SLB), and the Macroscopic Viscosity Index (MVI).
The joint venture plant produces premium quality VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) Group III base oils for use in blending top-tier lubricants and has a production capacity of 400,000 metric t/a.